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Who Are Abingdon Health?

We are in proud strategic partnership with Abingdon Health, a leading healthcare company based in the United Kingdom. With a strong focus on innovation and research, the company specialises in the development and manufacturing of rapid diagnostic tests. Their flagship product line, the Abingdon Simply Test lateral flow diagnostic self-test range, has gained significant recognition for its accuracy, ease of use, and wide range of applications.

The Abingdon Health Simply Test lateral Self-Test Range

The Abingdon Simply Test lateral flow diagnostic self-test range offers a convenient and reliable solution for individuals seeking quick and accurate results in the comfort of their own homes. These self-tests are designed to detect a variety of health conditions, including infectious diseases, allergies, and hormonal imbalances. The tests are based on the lateral flow technology, which allows for the detection of specific biomarkers in bodily fluids including blood, urine, saliva and stool samples.

Advantages of Abingdon Health Lateral Flow Tests

One of the key advantages of the Abingdon Simply Test range is its simplicity. The tests are designed to be user-friendly, requiring minimal training or technical expertise. Users simply need to follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the test kit, and results can be obtained within minutes. This makes the tests accessible to a wide range of individuals, including those with limited medical knowledge or experience.

Abingdon Health Tests are Highly Accurate

Another notable feature of the Abingdon Simply Test range is its accuracy. The tests have undergone rigorous validation and quality control processes to ensure reliable and precise results. Abingdon Health works closely with healthcare professionals and regulatory bodies to ensure that their tests meet the highest standards of performance and safety.

Abingdon Health Tests for All Types of Virus & Diseases

The Abingdon Simply Test range covers a wide range of health conditions, making it a versatile option for individuals looking to monitor their health or seek early detection of potential issues. From infectious diseases to fertility testing, the range offers a comprehensive solution for various healthcare needs.

Abingdon Health Self-Test Approved For Home Use

Abingdon Health is a trusted name in the healthcare industry, known for their innovative and reliable diagnostic tests. The Abingdon Simply Test lateral flow diagnostic self-test range offers individuals a convenient and accurate way to monitor their health from the comfort of their own homes. With its user-friendly design and wide range of applications, it is an excellent choice for those seeking quick and reliable results.

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