Bulk Ordering Lateral Flow Test Kits​

Welcome to our dedicated bulk buy page, tailored for healthcare providers, pharmacies, businesses wanting to test their staff, and individuals seeking an efficient and effective way to monitor health conditions. Our range of lateral flow diagnostic self-tests are user-friendly, ensuring accurate results for a myriad of conditions including, but not limited to, Iron Deficiency, Vitamin D levels, Male Fertility, and Prostate Health.

Why Bulk Buy With Us?

Choosing to bulk buy with us offers numerous benefits. You will not only benefit from significant cost savings, but our bulk solutions also guarantee a consistent supply of high-quality self-tests, reliably delivered when and where you need them. Our tests are not only accurate, but fast and easy to use, providing you with the information you need to manage health conditions effectively.

Our Range

Explore our diverse range of lateral flow diagnostic self-tests including:

Allergy Test
Identify Allergies Quickly, Breathe Easier

Bowel Health Test
Quick, Reliable Screening for Optimum Bowel Health

Coeliac Self-Test
Timely Diagnosis, Better Management

Drink Spike Test
Detect Drink Spikes Instantly. Be Safe, Be Assured

Drug and Alcohol Test
Clear, Fast Results for Drug and Alcohol Levels

H. Pylori Test
Detect H. Pylori Swiftly for Prompt Treatment

HIV Test
Swift, Reliable HIV Testing: Your Health In Your Hands

Influenza A/B Test
Quick Detection for Swift Flu Recovery

Iron Deficiency Test
Ensure optimal iron levels for health and wellbeing with rapid, reliable results

Male Fertility Test
Privacy and accuracy assured, our male fertility self-tests provides clear, fast results, empowering personal health decisions

Menopause Test
Empower Your Transition with our Rapid Menopause Self-Tests

Ovulation Test
Track Fertility with Ease with Swift Ovulation Detection

Pregnancy Test
Capture the Moment with our Swift and Accurate Pregnancy Detection

Prostate Health Test
Our simple-to-use, highly accurate prostate self-tests offer peace of mind and timely detection.

Strep A Test
Rapid Strep A Detection in Children and Adults and Ease Symptoms Faster

Thyroid Test
Trustworthy Thyroid Check with Timely, Accurate Insights

Urinary Tract Infection Test
Fast-Acting UTI Diagnostics – Get Clarity, Get Treated

– Vaginal PH Test
Maintain Feminine Health with our rapid Vaginal PH Tests

Vitamin D Test
With just a simple prick, monitor your Vitamin D levels to maintain bone health and immune function.

Place Your Order Today

Stock up on high-quality, reliable self-tests for you or your organisation. Whether you’re a business aiming to enhance employee health, a healthcare provider seeking to provide added value to your patients, or an individual looking to take control of your health, our bulk buy option is the ideal solution.

Reach out to our dedicated customer service team for any queries, or place your order directly via our secure online portal. Enjoy the benefits of managing health conditions effectively, and at your convenience. Shop with confidence, knowing that accurate and easy-to-use diagnostic tools are just a click away.

Together, let’s take a proactive approach to health and wellbeing with our excellent range of lateral flow diagnostic self-tests. Buy in bulk, save, and stay healthy.

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    • United Kingdom Government 
    • CE Certification
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    The Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test Kits should only be used in accordance with the instructions provided and Lateral Flow Test Kits are simple and easy to use devices for the detection of the presence of a target substance in a liquid sample the results should be interpreted by or under registered healthcare professional and are not designed for home use.

    If you are looking to bulk order Antigen Lateral Flow Test Kits, please contact one of our Commercial Sales Executives by calling us on 0800 9991897 between 9 am – 9 pm (7 days a week) or contact us via our email contact form below.

    We have significant levels of stock available here in the UK to be to satisfy large scale orders and despatch on an urgent basis. We have dealt with wide-ranging order requests including, but not limited to the NHS, educational institutions, and corporate entities across the following industry sectors:

    • Shipping and transportation
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