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The Lateral Flow Test for Bowel Health Rapid self test is a quick and easy way to check your bowel health in the comfort of your own home. The test uses a small stool sample to detect the presence of blood in the stool, which can be a sign of bowel cancer or other bowel conditions.

FOB stands for Faecal Occult Blood, which refers to the presence of hidden blood in the stool that is not visible to the naked eye. A bowel self test that detects FOB can help screen for colorectal cancer or other gastrointestinal conditions.

The Lateral Flow Test FOB Bowel Health Rapid self test is simple to use and provides accurate results within minutes. It comes with clear instructions and all the necessary equipment, including a collection tube, sampling stick, and test cassette.

Regular bowel health checks are important for everyone, especially those over the age of 50 or with a family history of bowel cancer. By using the Abingdon Simply Test FOB Bowel Health Rapid self test, you can take control of your health and detect any potential issues early on. 

This test is CE marked and meets all UK and EU regulations for medical devices. It is also registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) making this a UK trusted test. It is a reliable and affordable way to monitor your bowel health, in the privacy and comfort of your home, and ensure your peace of mind.

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Questions About Bowel Health Test Kits

How To Use a Lateral Flow Test For Bowel Health

  1. To perform the test correctly, please ensure the test, sample, and buffer solution reach room temperature prior to testing.
  2. Using the stool catcher, carefully collect a sample of stool. It is important to use the stool catcher to avoid the stool sample being contaminated.
  3. Unscrew the end of the specimen collection tube containing the buffer solution and stab the specimen collection applicator in at least 3 separate places on the sample. Take care not to scoop the sample.
  4. Return the end of the specimen collector back to the tube and screw to tighten.
  5. Shake the collection tube rigorously for several seconds to ensure the sample has mixed well with the buffer solution.
  6. Remove the test cassette from the foil pouch and place on a flat surface.
  7. Place 2 full drops of the buffer solution onto the test cassette.
  8. Wait 5 minutes to read the result.

What is the Lateral Flow Test FOB Bowel Health Rapid self test? 

FOB, also known as Faecal Occult Blood, is a self-test approved, simple and non-invasive test used to detect the presence of blood in the stool, which may indicate the presence of colorectal cancer or other gastrointestinal conditions. 

How do you use the Lateral Flow Test FOB Bowel Health Rapid self test? 

The test kit typically contains a small brush or stick that the person uses to collect a small sample of their stool from the toilet bowl. The sample is then placed onto a test cassette that contains a chemical that reacts with any blood present in the stool.

If blood is detected, the test will produce a positive result, indicating that further investigation by a healthcare professional is necessary. If no blood is detected, the test will produce a negative result, indicating that further testing may not be necessary at this time.

What if I test positive for FOB? 

It is important to note that a positive FOB test does not necessarily mean that a person has colorectal / bowel cancer, as there are many other conditions that can cause blood to be present in the stool. However, it is a useful screening tool that can help identify individuals who may need further testing or evaluation.

Is Bowel Cancer the same as Colorectal Cancer?

Yes. Bowel cancer and Colorectal Cancer are one and the same thing. It is a type of cancer that affects the colon and rectum and is one of the most common forms of cancer. 

What are the most common symptoms of Bowel Cancer? 

These can include:
– changes to bowel habits 
– blood in the stool (although this can be undetectable to the human eye)
– abdominal pain 
– unexplained weight loss 

Is Bowel Cancer hereditary? 

Yes, Bowel Cancer can be hereditary. It is really important for people with a family history of Bowel Cancer to regularly check their stool as they are at increased risk of developing the disease. 

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