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More details about our alcohol and drugs self tests

Our drugs and alcohol self test is a quick and reliable way of testing for substances, including cannabis, ecstasy, and cocaine. These tests can detect tiny amounts of alcohol or drugs in the fluid as an indication of consumption.

Did you know that most drugs can be detected on a saliva drug and alcohol test for up to two days from when they were taken? There are some drugs, such as cannabis, that have a shorter detection period. This makes the test ideal for workplace drug or alcohol screening. Our tests provide value, and we can supply bulk orders at highly competitive prices.

With our tests, results are available in just 10 minutes and are 99 per cent accurate. These tests are single-use only.

Other rapid home tests kits authorised for sale in the UK

We are leading providers of FlowFlex Covid-19 lateral flow testing kits and a range of other lateral flow diagnostic test kits for retail or wholesale.

Our company saw the need for accurate diagnostic testing away from the laboratory. We provide cost-effective and accurate tests for personal or commercial use. Product quality of value for money is at the heart of our business. We are proud of the tests we offer and remain at the cutting edge of technology to provide our customers with the best diagnostic tests on the market.

All our tests carry the necessary regulatory approvals in the jurisdictions in which we operate.

If you require a large bulk order, we have a proven track record of providing our customers with exactly what they require. The minimum order for bulk tests is 240 test kits. Fill in a contact form with details of what you need, and we can provide you with a bespoke quote.

Call now to order your drug testing or alcohol testing kits

To order your drug or alcohol testing kits, please call 0800 999 1897 or email info@lateralflowtest.co.uk

We are open seven days a week. Please see the details regarding our shipping information, including tracked deliveries.

Saliva drug tests: How do drugs get into saliva?

The salivary glands are divided from the blood vessels with a thin membrane. Active ingredients, including drugs and medicines, can pass from the blood into the saliva and offer fast results in tests like these.

Saliva tests are fast becoming one of the most popular types of screening tools because they are so easy to administer. They are also completely non-invasive and can be performed anywhere at any time. Manipulation of tests is almost impossible, so results are more reliable, and there are no issues with privacy.

Do you have questions? Please see our FAQs and feel free to call our team, who will always be happy to answer your questions.

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