Drugs Lateral Flow Test Kit

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Drugs Test Kit

The Lateral Flow Test for self-drug test is an at-home, easy to use and super accurate way to get professional-level results in the comfort and privacy of your own home. This self-drug test kit offers a discreet and convenient way of testing for 6 drugs of abuse at the same time.

This high quality, Swiss-made, Lateral Flow Test for self-drug test, works by taking a urine sample to detect the presence or absence of specific antibodies (good molecules produced by our immune system) to fight away foreign molecules (known as antigens). The higher the concentration of an antibody, the more likely the presence of that foreign molecule. So, for example, if a urine sample indicated high levels of antibodies associated with one of the 6 drugs listed above, the Abingdon Health rapid self-drug test would indicate a positive drug test result, marked by 2 red lines on the test device.

The Lateral Flow Test  has been designed for easy-to-understand results that are as reliable as any laboratory test with an overall accuracy of 99.9% for all 6 drugs.

With the Lateral Flow Test , the process is simple and straightforward and provides extremely accurate and reliable results in just 5 minutes.

For those sectors of work that require regular drug testing for their staff, ensuring the highest levels of compliance with health & safety regulations, please email for tailored discounts on all bulk-buy purchases.

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Lateral flow Test For Drugs

The rapid self-drug test contains the following:

1 x instructions manual

1 x testing panel with dessicant bag

Instructions on how to use the self-drug test:

  1. Provide a urine sample in a clean and dry container (NB please ensure container is wide enough to dip the testing panel into).
  2. Open the cap to the testing panel, with the arrows pointing towards the urine sample.
  3. Dip the testing panel vertically into the urine sample for 10 – 15 seconds, taking care to only dip the tips of the testing panel and not the plastic part.
  4. Replace the cap and leave the rest panel on a dry, non-absorbent, flat surface area.
  5. Wait 5 minutes before reading the result.
  6. 1 line indicates a positive result to drugs in the sample.
  7. 2 lines indicate a negative result to drugs in the sample.

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