HIV Lateral Flow Test Kit

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HIV Test Kit

The Rapid Lateral Flow Test Kit for HIV self-test is an advanced and revolutionary way to check your HIV status quickly and conveniently in the privacy of your own home. It works by detecting the presence of antibodies to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which indicates if you have been exposed to the virus. The is done through the use of a simple finger prick test. Manufactured in Switzerland to the highest premium quality standard, this test is easy to use and provides excellent overall accuracy results of 99.6% in just 10 minutes.
With the Lateral Flow Test for HIV self-test, you can take control of your health and discover your HIV status in a safe, secure and confidential way. Order yours today before 3pm to ensure next day delivery (subject to postal and courier strikes & delays).
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Lateral Flow Test Kit For HIV

The Lateral Flow HIV self-test package contains the following items:1 x instructions leaflet1 x alcohol swab1 x test device with dessicant bag2 x sterile lancets for pricking tip of finger for blood sample1 x pipette for obtaining blood sample1 x vial with dropper containing diluent (liquid)

1. Using the alcohol swab provided, clean the area of skin where you plan to prick yourself.

2. Hold the the sterile lancet firmly in your hand, and place the tip of the lancet against the skin, at an angle that allows for a puncture to be made.3. Gently but firmly push down on the lancet to make a puncture.4. Once the puncture has been made, gently squeeze or massage the finger to allow the blood to flow before collecting a sample.5. Using the pipette, carefully draw blood from the tip of the finger.6. Once the pipette is filled with blood, discharge the blood into the vial containing the diluent (liquid).7. Apply the dropper to the vial.8. Add 3 drops of the diluent (which is now mixed with the blood sample) to the well of the test device.9. Wait 10 minutes before obtaining a reading.10. 1 red line indicates a negative result for HIV.11. 2 lines indicate a positive result for HIV.

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