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Stay safe with our non-invasive lower nostril rapid antigen lateral flow test kit. Find out if you currently have COVID-19 in just 15 minutes.

Please note, this test kit is the same the Flowflex Rapid Test, but in Hughes Healthcare Packaging. 


  • Fully Home Use Approved
  • 96.8% diagnostic sensitivity
  • 97.1% specificity
  • Validation from Public Health England Porton Down.
  • Full Home Test Approval Granted in the UK & EU
  • Registered with MHRA and CE Marked.
  • Used and trusted by companies around the world including all UK airports and the NHS.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Individually sealed test cassettes
  • 1 x Individually sealed swab (1-2cm into the lower nostril)
  • 1 x Pre-filled buffer tube
  • 1 x Instructions
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The UK Government Public Health England, Porton Down Laboratory, which reviews all lateral flow tests for the DHSC/UK Government, has validated our test to have exemplary accuracy at multiple viral loads, including for asymptomatic patients, and across the new different variants. Our swab only has to go 1-2cm into the nostril, all other nasopharyngeal tests have to be performed by a doctor and need to go 9-10 cm deep into the nasal cavity. Our test is a true nostril swab test and has only ever been designed as such, other tests will try to modify their test to include the nostril swab, but have do not have the clinical evidence to support that adjustment. Innova has claimed their test can be performed on the nostril wall despite being a nasopharyngeal test and as evidenced, you get the result of 40-50% accuracy in both Birmingham and Liverpool. The easy to use format of the test makes it extremely easy to test yourself and your family from the comfort of your own home. CE Mark for Home Use – Fully Approved. Our lateral flow test has a unique patented sensitivity enhancement system in our test cassette. Whilst all other cassettes use the colloidal gold method, which is significantly less sensitive for detecting the CoV-SARS-2 antigen. This is in part what allows our test to be so accurate across any specimens and sample collection method. All of our components, including our comfortable swab, our lysis vials, and the box with which the single tests come in, are extremely well made and are designed to be as easy as possible to use. Every aspect of the test is that of a blue-chip high-quality product.
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