Abingdon Health Kidney Home Test Kit

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The Abingdon Health Rapid Kidney Albumen self-test 

The Abingdon Health Rapid Kidney Albumen self-test kit is a quick, easy, and accurate way to test your urine for the presence of albumin. Albumin is the main protein found in the urine and is responsible for regulating the amount of fluid in the body, which helps to maintain balance in the body’s electrolytes. High levels of Albumin in the urine sample can be an early sign of kidney disease / damage / inflammation. This test does not require the assistance of a medical or health care professional and provided results that are 96.9% accurate in only 5 convenient minutes.
The Abingdon Health Rapid Kidney Albumin self-test is ideal for individuals looking to quickly and accurately detect signs of early kidney disease. Those with high blood pressure, diabetes or women during pregnancy would especially benefit from self-testing to ensure their health status.
The Abingdon Health Rapid Kidney Albumin self-test works by taking the first urine sample of the day and placing a few drops on the testing device provided. It cleverly detects the presence of albumin within the urine sample, indicated by 2 lines on the testing device for a positive result and 1 line for a negative result.

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What is included within the Abingdon Health kidney albumin self-test kit? 

Each pack contains 1 kidney albumin self-test consisting of the following:
1 x instructions leaflet
1 x device and dessicant bag
1 x plastic pipette for sampling
Instructions for use: 
1. Use a clean, dry container to take a sufficient sample from the first urine of the day.
2. Squeeze the pipette bulb and ensure that the tip of the pipette makes contact with the urine sample.
3. Release the bulb to collect the urine sample.
4. Once you have the desired amount in the pipette, remove the pipette from the urine sample.
5. Deposit 3 drops of the urine sample into the well of the testing device (marked with an ‘s’ on the device).
6. Wait 5 minutes before reading the result.
Positive result for kidney albumin – 1 line
Negative result for kidney albumin – 2 lines

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