Male Fertility Lateral Flow Test Kit

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Male Fertility Test Kit

The Abingdon Health Test SP-10 Male Fertility (Sperm Count) Rapid test is a quick, discreet, and easy-to-use diagnostic tool that can help men determine their fertility status in the comfort of their own home. The test is designed to measure the concentration of sperm in semen, which is a key factor in male fertility.

SP-10 is a protein found in semen that plays a role in male fertility. It is believed to help sperm move and fertilise an egg. High levels of SP-10 in semen may be a sign of better sperm quality and increased chances of successful fertilisation.

The test kit contains all the necessary components for performing the test, including a collection cup, a test cassette, and buffer solution. The test is performed by collecting a semen sample in the cup, mixing with the buffer solution tube, and then transferring a small amount of the sample onto the test cassette. The results can be read after 5 minutes.

The Abingdon Health SP-10 Male Fertility (Sperm Count) Rapid test is highly accurate, with a sensitivity of 98.1% (how well a test can detect a condition), specificity of 98.3% (how well a test can rule out a condition) and an overall accuracy of 98.2%.

The Abingdon Health Test SP-10 Male Fertility (Sperm Count) Rapid test is a reliable device for men who are trying to conceive and want to assess their fertility status quickly and accurately or for those who are concerned about their fertility. This test will afford you the peace of mind you need to plan your family’s future. It can also help identify potential issues with fertility early on.

This test is CE marked and registered with the MHRA for UK government approved quality management standards.Don’t leave your fertility to chance. Order your Abingdon Health Test SP-10 Male Fertility (Sperm Count) Rapid self-test today and take control of your reproductive health.

Each box contains 1 test.

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Lateral Flow Test Kit for Male Fertility

The Lateral Flow Test SP-10 Male Fertility (Sperm Count) contains the following:

1 x Instructions for Use

1 x Collection Cup

1 x Foil Pouch containing Test Cassette

1 x Buffer Solution Tube

1 x Semen Transfer Device (Syringe)

1 x Workstation

  1. Before testing, refrain from sexual activity for 3-7 days to ensure the volume and quality of the sperm is at its peak and to guarantee an accurate sperm reading.
  2. Collect the sample of sperm directly into the collection cup, taking care not to touch or contaminate the sample.
  3. Allow the semen sample to liquify (this could take up to 60 minutes) before beginning the test.
  4. Remove the test cassette from the foil pouch and place on a flat surface.
  5. Using the syringe, collect 0.1ml of the sperm sample (marked on the side of the syringe) and insert the sample into the buffer solution tube. Return the cap onto the buffer solution tube.
  6. Thoroughly mix the sperm sample with the buffer solution by turning the tube upside down 5 – 10 times.
  7. Remove the cap from the buffer solution tube and transfer 2 full drops of the solution into the cassette well.
  8. Read the results after 5 minutes.

Reading the results:

  • 2 coloured lines on the control line ( C ) and test line ( T ) = NORMAL RESULT
  • 1 coloured line on the control line ( C ) only = ABNORMAL RESULT – please consult your GP or Healthcare Practitioner
  • If the control line ( C ) fails to appear = INVALID TEST – this could be as a result of an insufficient sperm sample volume. If the test indicates an invalid test, please repeat.

Please take care to dispose of the testing materials safely and hygienically.

Male Fertility

1 Test

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