H-Pylori Lateral Flow Test Kit

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H-Pylori Test Kit

The Lateral Flow Test for Pylori (Stomach Ulcer) is a simple rapid and reliable way to check for the presence of H. Pylori bacteria in your stomach, which can cause stomach ulcers and other digestive problems. This easy-to-use test kit includes everything you need to perform the test at home, including a comprehensive instruction for use, a test cassette, stool collection paper, a specimen collection tube, and buffer solution.

To use the H. Pylori rapid self-test, simply collect a small sample of your stool using the sample collector and return to the collection tube provided, shake vigorously  before adding two drops to the test cassette. In just 10 minutes, the test will show whether H. Pylori bacteria are present in your stomach.

This test works by checking whether the antibodies associated with H. Pylori are present in the sample. This test is ideal for anyone who suspects they may have a stomach ulcer or other digestive issues and wants to check for the presence of H. Pylori bacteria quickly and easily. It is also a great option for anyone who has been previously diagnosed with H. Pylori and wants to monitor their condition at home.

The Lateral Flow Test for H. Pylori (Stomach Ulcer) Rapid self-test enjoys a 97.8% accuracy making this a reliable way to check your gut health. It is CE marked and UK government approved.

The Lateral Flow Test for H. Pylori (Stomach Ulcer) Rapid self-test will provide fast and accurate results in the comfort of your own home, without the need for a doctor’s visit or laboratory testing. So why wait? Order your H. Pylori Rapid self-test today and take control of your digestive health.

Each box contains 1 test kit.

Lateral Flow Test For H. Pylori (Stomach Ulcer)

Each pack contains:

1 x Instructions for Use

1 x Specimen Collection Tube with Buffer Solution

1 x Stool Collection Paper

1 x Foil pouch containing Test Cassette

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before handling the stool collection paper.
  2. Open the stool collection paper package and remove the paper from the packaging.
  3. Place the stool collection paper on top of the toilet seat, making sure it covers the entire seat.
  4. Sit on the stool collection paper and defecate as usual.
  5. To collect the stool: Unscrew the end of the specimen collection tube and stab the specimen collection applicator into the stool in at least 3 different places on the sample. Do not scoop the stool.
  6. Return the end of the specimen collector back to the tube and screw to tighten.
  7. Shake the collection tube rigorously for several seconds to ensure the sample has mixed well with the buffer solution.
  8. Remove the test cassette from the foil pouch and place on a flat surface.
  9. Place 2 full drops of the buffer solution onto the test cassette.
  10. Wait 10 minutes to read the result.

Reading the results:

  • 1 coloured line appears in the Control line region ( C ) only and no coloured line appears in the Test line region ( T ) = no H. Pylori detected (negative result)
  • 2 coloured lines appear in the Control line region ( C ) and Test line region (T) = Pylori detected in the stool sample (positive result) – please consult your GP or Healthcare Practitioner
  • No line appears in the control line region ( C ) = Invalid test due to insufficient specimen sample or incorrect procedure followed. Please repeat the test.
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