Strep A Lateral Flow Test Kit

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Strep A Test Kit

The rapid Strep A Lateral Flow Test is an easy-to-use, at-home test that allows you to quickly and accurately detect the presence of Group A streptococcus bacteria in your body. With overall accuracy of 97.14% and results in just 5 minutes, the test requires a simple swab of the throat to quickly determine whether you have developed a strep throat infection.

This accurate and reliable test can quickly diagnose the bacteria that can cause serious health issues if left untreated, and help guide any necessary treatment, circumventing the need to visit a doctor or wait for lab results in the first instance.
Unlike traditional culture tests, the Abingdon Health rapid Strep A self-test is less prone to false positives, providing you with greater confidence in your results.
Order your Strep A Lateral Flow Test today and take control of your health with fast and accurate results in the comfort of your own home.

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Lateral Flow Test Kit For Strep A

The sealed pouch contains the following:

1 x test device with dessicant bag1 x sterile swab

1 x sterile spatula to hold tongue down1 x plastic tube for placing sample into, with dropper

1 x test tube and dropper containing solution 1 (with blue cap)

1 x test tube and dropper containing solution 2 (with green cap)

1 x holder for keeping test tube in a vertical position1 x instruction manual

1. Carefully wash hands with warm soapy water and ensure they are completely dry.

2. Remove all items within the package and spread out onto a clean surface.

3. Using the sterile spatula to hold your tongue down, take the sterile swab to obtain a sufficient swab from the back of the throat.

4. Insert the cotton tip of the swab into the plastic tube.

5. Place the plastic tube into the holder to keep it in an upright position.

6. Squeeze 4 drops of solution 1 (blue cap) into the plastic tube containing the swab sample.

7. Squeeze 4 drops of solution 2 (green cap) into the plastic tube containing the swab sample.

8. Using the swab, gently mix the 2 solutions together and leave the swab in the solution for 2-5 minutes.

9. Remove the swab, making an effort to squeeze as much of the cotton tip to collect as much liquid from the sample as possible.

10. Apply the dropper to the top of the plastic tube containing the liquid.

11. Squeeze 1 drop into the well of the test device.

12. Await reading.

13. 1 red line denotes a negative result for strep throat.

14. 2 red lines indicate a positive result for strep throat

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